Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Melodrama as pro-life activists beseech conf. venue

London, Oct. 23, 2007 (NAN): A melodrama ensured today outside the Queen Elizabeth 11 Conference Hall, London as `Pro-life' activists beseeched hall chanting pro life slogans and giving out flyers.

Queen Elizabeth 11 Conference Hall is the venue of the Global Conference on Safe Abortion holding in London, the conference started today, few days after the Safe Motherhood Conference in the same city.

`Pro-Life' activists are those who do not believe in the reformation of abortion laws, they believe that any conception is Life and should not be terminated under any guise.

The News Agency of Nigeria NAN) reports that by eight in the morning, the activists were outside the hall holing placards bearing pro-life messages and distributing flyers with the same messages.

There was quite a number of security personnel clad in yellow reflective coats and helmets, holding batons and making sure the activists do not cross the line, and do not enter the hall.

Karen Fish, a pro-life activist, who gave the NAN correspondent a pro-life flyer said that the leaflet was meant for intelligent open minded people, discussing issues of justice and human rights around abortion.

`` So killing someone is now a human right ? who protects the rights of the unborn child ?'' she asked.

In Karen's hand was a banner bearing, ``Women's needs are more than Abortion''.

Other male and female activists had banners bearing different messages like ``Women do not need Abortion'', ``To legalise abortion is to bring guilt of innocent blood upon the whole nation'' and ``Abortion is a sin against another human being and God''.

The activists were still seen outside the hall when the opening ceremony started at noon.

A black woman, who says she is just Ngwemu told NAN that, the donor bodies who want to help Africa could do other things for them other than abortion.

``Our women do not need abortion, they need empowerment, if they have things to do they will not get pregnant, nor seek abortion.

``These funds should be channelled towards skills acquisition and capacity building as well as loans for small scale enterprise for them to have economic power. (NAN)

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